Dispatch Medical Transport

In the summer of 2007, it was brought to our attention there was a need for a non-emergency, non-paramedic medivan company that would be flexible and willing to change with the needs of the industry. After months of research and consideration, we decided to purchase one van. It was put into service to see if the demand and support was as strong as
we believed it would be.

As it turned out, the need and support from the medical community was and continues to be strong for us. Our philosophy at the startup of our business remains the same today, which is to provide a top quality service with patient safety and comfort being the highest priority.

We feel very fortunate we were welcomed warmly into the medical community and to this day have the best business relationships any company could hope for.

We have raised the bar on what is expected from medivan services. Every year we have added a new van, keeping innovation in mind.

Drug Free workplace, accepting Credit/Debit cards and member of Better Business Bureau.








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